From two crutches to one!

Yesterday (19 days after surgery) was a big day for me at physio. I progressed from walking with two crutches to walking with one, and I put all my weight on my right leg on the stairs. Surprisingly, when walking with one crutch, the crutch stays on the side of your good leg, and moves with the bad leg. I would have thought it would have been on the bad side, like you often see with people who walk with canes. I’m getting around pretty well with the one crutch, although sometimes my ankle feels a little strange and I have trouble planting my right (bad) leg straight when I go to take a step (when my foot lands, my knee tends to be slightly bent). However, all and all it feels great to walk with only one crutch — it gives me hope that maybe I will walk normally soon! And it is definitely easier to carry things!

Here is the video from before and after physio yesterday:

I can feel my leg getting stronger now, probably because I am continuing to do all five of my exercises (mini squats, hamstring straightening with the aid of a small ball, calf raises, bending to 90 degrees against the wall, and straightening my knee with a resistance band). At every physio session we work on doing stairs, pushing up onto the right leg and lowering the left leg. At home I still go up and down the stairs by putting all of my weight on my left leg (for safety), but of course I have to work on being able to eventually do stairs normally while at physio. Yesterday was the first time since surgery that I was actually able to push up with my right leg (with my right foot planted on a step going upwards) to bring my left leg up to meet it without the aid of the safety bars that surround the enclosed area. Even though lowering my left leg to step off is still hard and I still rely on the bars, it was still a small accomplishment!


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